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Since 1996, Office Coffee Solutions has been a leading service provider delivering full kitchen solutions to offices across Canada. With a focus on sustainable operations and offerings, we carry over 1,000 beverage and snack options, as well as innovative brewing and drinking water systems. We design custom tailored programs to meet each office’s specific needs. We do everything with a smile, with you and our community in mind.

  • Office Coffee Solutions’ mission is to combine the old school spirit of hospitality with new methodologies and products. We aim to inspire offices to raise their expectations by establishing a new height of excellence. We challenge suppliers to provide more ethical options and local opportunities. We actively promote these options and work to educate our client base to mindfully make the right choices. Through informed supply and demand, together we can transform our industry. Of course, we will always provide great coffee too.

  • “When you walk in, the door will chime. Once it would have been a garage door, then it was a couple of other doors at other locations, now it's a glass door on 82 Industry Street. The small sticker on the left side will say "Bullfrog Powered."

    You'll walk into our retail showroom, but the gleaming brewers on display aren't really the focus. What you'll notice is the rich dark wood shelves against the bright red wall. You won't know that the wood is upcycled Ontario barn wood, but you'll know it's beautiful. Beside the front counter, stands a small 25¢ candy machine filled with coffee beans, a throwback to when our president Claudio David, sold them at 18.

    You'll be greeted by Michelle, one of our customer service representatives and our longest standing team member. Of course, she'll offer you a cup of coffee from one of the three coffee makers the staff choose from, each from a different brewing method offered on the extensive menu.

    Maybe you're a prospective client, maybe a supplier, maybe you're interviewing for a position. Whatever you come in for, we're probably not what you expect. In some ways, you'd be surprised to see the kind of reach our company has given our size, but just as likely, you'll be taken aback by the agility we have to adapt to a particular client's needs.

    Don't underestimate our ability to negotiate a deal for top of the line equipment, or the attention we'll pay to the smallest detail.

    We aren't a big company, or a small company, we're our company. We're a team that works for the minute needs of each client the way we fight for global sustainability changes. Either way, the door will chime when you walk in and we'll offer you a coffee.”

Social Responsibility

At Office Coffee Solutions we pride ourselves on keeping Social Responsibility at the forefront of everything we do, for both our clients and our team. A quality work environment is offered to all our employees, with gender equality, non-discrimination, and equal opportunities for all.

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Who We Are


We know strong relationships are our strongest asset. Thinking beyond our bottom line, we look to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, suppliers, team members, and our local community alike.

Detail Freaks

Let’s face it, it’s all in the details. From knowing your name (and how you take your coffee) to ensuring your equipment is properly maintained (coffee is only as good as the brewer that produces it), these are the small but absolutely necessary details that both keep you happy, and differentiate us from the pack. We hold ourselves to high standards and work to give the proper TLC to all details, no matter how small.


We value authenticity. We like good vibes. We focus on crafting real, genuine engagement. In working together with our people, partners, and customers, we promote awareness of the importance of a positive culture, and mutual respect.


We pride ourselves in being a team that challenges each member to produce the latest, greatest, innovative ideas. From setting the industry standards in social responsibility, educating our extended client base in local and ethical product options, to achieving personalized service excellence that sets us apart, we love to be the initiators that disrupt the norm.


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