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Modern coffee, espresso, and water machines that cover all the bases. The equipment we carefully procure is built to honour the process and taste of the products they’re used for. Select from our sustainable single-serve options, drip systems, or fully automatic espresso machines below. 

Single serve machines are some of the most versatile systems that offer the widest array of selections, sure to appease everyone in your team. Pair one of these powerful machines with one of our Waste Management Solutions to ensure yours is a planet-friendly program.

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Bean-to-cup coffee machines balance single-serve whole bean coffee options with sustainable methodologies and user-friendly interfaces. These machines contain fully automatic internal grinders which grind and freshly brew each cup at the touch of a button.

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We offer the latest in thermal brewing technology - systems designed with ideal temperature and percolation methods that enhance the flavourful qualities of the coffees you love. These systems are simple to use, sustainable, cost-effective, and a staple in any office environment. We can also provide whole bean grinders to accompany these, where applicable.

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Our espresso machines provide the quality and consistency of a café experience, from fully-automatic to hands-on brewing options. We offer a large lineup that make espresso crafting an easy process suitable for any office environment

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Our cutting edge water systems use the latest innovations in water purification, including Waterlogics's medical-grade BioCote® Treated Plastics, Firewall Ultraviolet Light Technology, Stainless Steel Tanks, Ice Makers, Sparkling Water, and Flavoured Water options. We can also provide traditional 18.9L bottled water for those locations without direct water/plumbing access.

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We carry a wide array of equipment brands and models ranging from drip, to espresso machines and grinders. Connect with us regarding your inquiry today.

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Cleaning, maintenance, & client training

  • Our experienced and friendly team guide you through the use of your equipment
  • Our Coffee Technicians do regular pro-active maintenance to help prevent service calls
  • Our Coffee Care & Delivery team do additional cleaning & wipe downs with each delivery
  • Our Client Care Team will have any service call resolved within a business day

Bottled vs Filtered Water Programs

  • Reduction of your carbon footprint - no more plastic water bottles
  • More hygienic, efficient, and an unlimited source of water
  • Uses the latest in anti-microbial technology
  • Provides budget savings & control with no fluctuating invoices
  • Adherence to the highest industry standards in water cleanliness
  • Say goodbye to bottle deliveries, bottle storage, and bottle lifting