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At the end of the day, the mark of a great office kitchen provider is one that runs in the background. You can see Office Coffee Solutions in your Breakrooms, you can feel it in your workforce, but you shouldn’t have to think about it during your day. Let us elevate your kitchen experience, so you can focus on the rest.


You Want Our Breakroom Solution

More than just fuel for your team, your breakroom program should keep your employees engaged at work. A thoughtfully chosen solution like ours is a part of cohesive working environment and relationship bridge between you and your team. Through craft selections and individual product curation, to branded options and custom communications, employees respond to the value of a great beverage and snack service chosen with care.

Benefits Include

Did You Know?

Research shows that when good office coffee is not provided, 22% of employees will leave the office for coffee or tea for an average of 14 - 20 minutes a day. This results in a potential loss of productivity of over $15,000 a year, for an office of just 50 people.


We Get You Started


We analyze the flavours your team prefers and which style of program suits your office best, to give you a personalized and refined list of product choices


We evaluate your onsite plumbing access, electrical requirements, maintenance levels and energy efficiency requirements, to recommend the options that fit cleanly and appropriately into your breakroom environment.


Because it’s who we are, we make sure any program you choose is facilitated in a sustainable fashion. Our unique waste management programs, energy efficient systems, and ethical product selections are all available to instill these values to your entire breakroom.

People, Not Paperwork

We don’t believe in contracts. What we do believe in is great products and service that form a lasting friendship (we want you to want to keep us around). We send you a quick and painless installation agreement when we put the equipment into your location, that’s it!

Kitchen programs shouldn’t be complicated, and neither are we.
We’ll ensure a smooth transition to our solution so that your team has a streamlined, efficient, and exciting update to their program.

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You Can Expect

Hassle-Free Experience

For clients who can benefit from a fully managed service, your dedicated account manager will oversee your specific breakroom needs. This includes complete kitchen inventory management, automatic delivery and restocking, and regularly scheduled White Glove maintenance.

Quality Service, Big or Small

No matter your size, the backbone of our services remain consistent. Our programs include unpacking and restocking of your products as well as on-going maintenance of your equipment during each visit to your breakroom by our Coffee Care & Delivery team.

Fast Action Response

Expect a fast, affirmative, and clear answer to any and all of your questions from our tight-knit customer service team. In the event of a needed repair or last minute delivery, our flexible customer service team will provide fast turnaround for little to no downtime.

White Glove TLC

Included in our service, our team will provide White Glove treatment through regularly scheduled cleaning and pro-active maintenance service to prevent mechanical interruptions and keep you running smoothly.

We Keep It Fresh

No matter the program you have, at some point you will want something new. Throughout your service, we provide an optional “coffee-refresh” to inspire your team with new blends and systems, sure to keep them happily percolated (sorry, we couldn’t help the pun).

+ Employee Perks Program

By being a client of Office Coffee Solutions, you have the optional benefit of an Employee Perks Program that provides your team with a unique code for 5% OFF a wide selection of coffees, teas, accessories, and equipment at HomeCoffeeSolutions.com for their home!

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