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Simply Great Coffee

There’s a reason we choose to focus our efforts on service and coffee curation, rather than roasting in-house. Roasting coffee beans is a fine art, and one that can be very subjective. Instead we work to curate the very best coffee and espresso varieties, from both beloved local roasters and renowned big brands alike. Our goal is to ensure every palette has options that suit their liking.

Whatever the brand, we provide a Freshness Guarantee so you get the best flavour with every cup. Check out some of our roasting partners below:

Illy Keurig Lavazza Mars Drinks Nespresso Starbucks Pilot Timothys Hatch Balzacs Planet Bean Van Houtte Reunion Island

Hello, brew-TEA-full!

Embracing the new wave of tea lover culture, we were the first provider to bring Loose Leaf Tea Bars to the Toronto office market. We pride ourselves on finding the latest and greatest tea varieties and formats for our clients. Our expanded line-up includes both your tried & true favourites, along with new local purveyors that source regional ingredients to hand-craft specialty teas in small batches. We provide you with options in the following formats:

  • Loose Leaf
  • Envelopes
  • Sachets
  • Capsules
  • Iced Tea Portion Bags

Mix and match flavours, create an artisanal tea bar for a crafted touch, or simply keep fresh favourites stocked for your many tea-drinking team members.

Pluck Tea Tazo DAVIDsTEA Numi Lipton

Drinks & Snacks

Proper hydration leads to increased energy, focus, and alertness. The sweet & salty snacking, well, that’s just for munching fun. It's all part of an enjoyable daily lifestyle that we embrace with a complete line-up of beverage and snack offerings. Whether it's healthy fruit juice in the morning, sparkling drink at lunch, or a burst of chocolaty goodness to get you through your 3 o’clock lull, we have a full line up that’ll keep things interesting.

  • Sparkling & Flavoured Waters
  • Pops & Canned Drinks
  • Fruit & Sparkling Juices
  • Starbucks Cold
  • Electrolyte Drinks
  • Cookies & Sweets
  • Chips & Salty Snacks
  • Chocolate & Candy
  • Soups
  • Cereals

Dairy, Alternatives, & Sweeteners

As the new version of the Office Milk Man, we’ll bring the you the freshest dairy and dairy-free alternatives. We’ll also sweeten up your day by providing, well, sweeteners. Choose from white and raw sugar, or other options like real maple sugar and 100% Canadian honey. We offer various formats for your convenience, from individual portions to bulk options, and pride ourselves on carrying a selection suitable for all your team’s dietary choices.

  • Skim, Milk, Half & Half, Cream, & Chocolate
  • Lactose-Free Dairy & Organic Selections
  • Soy, Almond, Rice, & Coconut Milk Alternatives
  • Sugar, Honey, Maple, & Sweeteners

Paper & Cleaning Products

For a program that keeps your office running in an efficient and planet-friendly manner, a key piece is carefully selecting your paper and cleaning products. We provide a selection of environmentally-friendly paper, cleaning, and allied products, to meet these requirements.

  • Biodegradable or recyclable cups, plates, utensils, and napkins
  • Allied products such as wooden stir sticks & paper towels
  • Eco cleaning products for your kitchen, office, & bathrooms

The Mindful Snacks Movement

Rooted in a passion for good health and well-being, our exclusive partner Mindful Snacks offers a new approach to office snacks as a full service snack procurement company. They handpick their selection of top-quality healthy snacks and beverages with your team’s well-being in mind.

But how will Mindful Snacks help your team work better?

  • Top companies use healthy office snacks as a benefit but also a recruitment tool
  • Healthy eating promotes a healthy lifestyle to keep employees healthy and reduces sick days
  • Staff will love the convenience of staying in the office to find healthy snack options rather than stepping out

Together, Office Coffee Solutions & Mindful Snacks can accommodate your schedule, budget and needs.

Take A Look At Our Complete Line Up!

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? See our complete line up of our current offerings, or speak with a member of our team about your unique needs.

  • Over 1500 product options to select from
  • First to market product innovation
  • Large selection of local & sustainable varieties